Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Life has been such a drag? Drag? I don't know if that even mean right. Lots of stuff happened now and they happened all at the same time. The end? Yup or perhaps a new beginning? I have no idea. I  am just trying to finish my thesis while looking for positions in universities of colleges. Ideally it would be at a Public University in Klang Valley, followed by public colleges in Klang Valley, then private Universities or Colleges in Klang Valley. Hopefully a position is available for me.

I would love to pursue PhD, but I would rather be on my own two feet first before I do it. Its a total drag living with your parents even though there is so many things that are free for you to use, everything except freedom and personal choice. As I am typing at this more neglected blog, I have a thesis block, where I can't seem to type anymore.

There is the whole diet, image, friends, relationship, family, work, study, life and self discovery going on, which is quite tiring. I wonder what this year will bring into me?
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