Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Darn, not enough post and way to much complaining. So sorry you have to read this, but thank you if do. Stuff has been happening and it has made rethink of of myself. I used to have this iron hold view of how my life would turn out, but it seems each year something new decides to pop out. I am 27 but I feel I just got a taste of the world. It’s just on the tip of my fingers and I am both excited and scared. Everyone else has already taken the leap to adulthood, I don’t feel like one at all, perhaps the lack of real world responsibility?  Perhaps it is. 27 and still studying, and I am not even a bookworm whereas I should be. Kinda scary not knowing what I want. I feel like I need to list down every single details of what I should do the whole day, so I won’t go off track. Its like how I pay attention in class, not by listening, because I don’t listen, but by writing, When I write, it gives me something to do and concentrate while keeping my mind firmly held to the ground. Ah well, there other thing, like second thoughts… that’s a whole other story…
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