Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Laundry Day

I love doing laundry. I love looking at washing machines on display. I love watching the clothes agitated in the washer. . Front loader provide the best view with its clear glass. I could sit there for the whole washing cycle and be mesmerized.

I get excited over a new detergent powderI love how detergent and soap is made, and determined to make my own once I have the money to buy the materials. I can make my own soap according to my own preferences

I like laundry so much, I even planned on what I would wash today. Heck I even wanted to test out the new settings that I have not tried.

You could say, I got it from my mother. She loves laundry. My mother loves it so much, she decided to wash my clothes, which I specifically said to her, to not do, because I would do it. She refuses too, she just could not help her self to my dirty laundry. I told her again and again, not to do it. I think I have to resort to hide my dirty laundry. I do not like her doing it anymore. Lots of clothes were bleached, dyed with indigo blue, ripped, dyed pink due to other clothes bleeding, buttons came out, collars torn.

You see I blame her because right now I am so upset, I can't write anything short to be put on twitter or facebook status, instead I am writing how I am upset, she washed my clothes??? I am so fucked up now!!! to be upset over laundry that she did. Thanks Ma, I think you over did the education on laundry.......

I am still pissed off even after writing this and after doing the fuckin laundry by hand..

I need to see a therapist... clearly something is wrong
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