Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Its strange that during my down time of updating my blog, I suddenly see more ads in them. I mean I had my down times before and I could see Nuffnang taken the ads off and I had to ask them why they did that (apparently my ad placement before was not optimized). Now however with updates being as far apart as 3 weeks, I still see my ads. Heck I am a silent reader of my own blog LOL.

Speaking of the ads in my blog, sometimes the ads are interesting I end up clicking it myself because it was something interesting that I wanted to know more of.

These ads generates money in blogs. There are generally two ways how the ads generate money. One is by the unique viewers that the blog receives each day, which means if you view my blog for the first time today you will be counted as a unique view and if you view it again on the same day it does not count.

The other way is if you actually find the ads interesting and you click on it. That will generate extra money because you are actually hooked on the ad and wanted to find out more.

Another bonus way is if you clicked on the ad and register something in it, that even gives even more bonus to me because you read my blog, you click on an interesting advertisements and you want something or you register something from the advertisement.

Its sounds like easy money, but in reality you need to have ten thousands view a day to get a hundreds of ringgit a month, or if you have just a 2 digit number each day, you will just get a few sen each day. Hey its not so bad, its not really work per say, if you are not doing it seriously or if no one find your blogs interesting at all.

However some people abused the system and will start to tell other bloggers to click on their ads and that they would click on their ads too so that all of them will generate more income from the blog. This is frown upon by the companies that is represented by Nuffnang because it takes way the reason ads were placed in the first place.

I am not 100% where my readers are from, but definitely not from the Nuffnang blogger crowd where bloggers meet and continue to support (or click) each others. I am much a loner, I mean I used to have friends that blog a lot casually, but the got busy with their lives and stopped. So I guess from my 3 digits friend list in my Facebook, where my blog shows up in their newsfeed because I link my Facebook and blog together, are where most of my readers are. Which is good and bad, since I tend to let it all out in my blog. (my uncle said he reads my blogs and he gave a witty smile, opps well uncle, you know me :D)

Anyhow, many thanks to all my silent readers who actually reads my insanely emotional ramblings. After all how much celebrity gossip, politics and tragedy news can you handle. I know I can't, which is why, sometimes just want you do during the day is more interesting to read. Which why reality shows are such a hit.
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