Friday, July 1, 2011

Great Skin

How to have great skin?

I actually have no idea :/

Over the years, well actually in a few months, it develops from being


Full of Acne
 To clear again

I absolutely have no idea what happened. The most acceptable answer for me was hormonal change, but what into what? As if my body decided to go to puberty again. Many said the facial and the CO2 laser I did cause my face to break out. However the facial did get rid of the many pimples that were not erupted in my face and the CO2 laser did reduce my blackheads.

Perhaps its the cleanser I bought from my esthetician, or perhaps the Vitamin C that I started taking or perhaps the pimple medication finally decided to work. I still don't know.

What works for me, may not neccesarily works for you and vice versa.

I did decide to educate my self on the products I used and use peer to peer reviews to find out products beneficial using these two websites

This websites provides review on products available on the market, although majority of the Asian focus products in Malaysia was not reviewed. The best thing about this site is the dictionary so you can find out what dimethicone means.

This websites allows you to find out what kind type do you have. Its no longer just normal, oily, dry or sensitive but up to 16 different types of skin type combination. Mine is oily, sensitive, pigmented and tight. The quiz is now free (they used your data for research) and you have access to forums where people discuss which product works for your particular skin type group.

Its easy to give out advice based on your skin, but its kind hard when you don't have the same skin, but the website skintypesolutions does come close when grouping people in the same categories.
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