Friday, July 8, 2011

y u so expensive Paula's Choice?

This is Paula's Choice Skin Revealing Body Lotion with 10% Alpha Hydroxy Acid. My sister bought this my accident actually because I wanted the Beta Hydroxy Acid Lotion to treat acne on my arms. Anyhow I still used it, I tried putting it on my arm and I did not like it very much. I decided to use it on my feet and it works much better. Its very moisturizing without being incredibly greasy. Its chocked full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory ingredients, but the main star is its 10% glycolic acid. You can actually smell the acidic sour smell of the glycolic acid in this lotion, which gently exfoliate the the skin. In theory this would work great on tough rough skin. I really like this, it even soothes my feet during the days when it would be dry and itchy.

However I used it sparingly, only because it used to cost RM80, now however the priced has jumped to RM105 which makes it one expensive foot lotion. Other than this lotion is imported from the US, its contains more interesting ingredients than say a Vaseline lotion which cost like RM20. Arghh.. so expensive for such a good product, I would actually rather have rough feet than cough up RM105, but I would buy in heartbeat if my budget allows it
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