Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Of video games and time

I love video games and many of the boys and some girls enjoy it too. Okay, perhaps at this stage in life is some men and some minute proportion of women enjoy video games. I remember on the first video games I played, which is a real video game console, not some knock off TV game console with 80s style game played in the 90s

This is the Nintendo system, I remembered playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on this system. It was a blast to play. We did not have this system, instead it was at some ones house, I don't even remember who. Sometimes the games will not load so you have to take the game cartridge out and blow it and pray that it would work. The first Super Mario Bros was on this system too, the same Super Mario that appeared in those knock off game console we had here in Malaysia

Awww yeah, this was the game console that had arcade games in it. Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct was one of them. Still I sucked at both games, there is so much or so little button mashing I could do to actually beat some one. Other games includes later version of Super Mario Bros called Super Mario World, with raccoon tails and Yoshi. There is also Donkey Kong country which is a blast to play and is a very nice 3d game instead of those 2d games. Not to be confused with 3d movies, back then 3d games are still 2d but has a bit of depth and shape to it. I remember my mother's friend let me borrowed her daughter Super NES and I played it all summer long. I remember playing this game called Earthbound, which was an awesome RPG game that I loved to death. It also helps that there was also a hand book that comes with the game complete with a scratch sniff section which was so awesome!!!

This was our first EVER game console that we bought. Actually it was a compilation of my siblings money to get this ps1 slim. While everybody got sick of the thick one, I just managed to bought this one and I loved it, especially all the Final Fantasy games. LOVE it!!!!. I still have it and it still works. I even still have all the games.. I think.. unless some one threw it away :(

This is our latest PS2. Yep, we still have a PS2, even though PS3 is out PS2 games and consoles  are still selling well. I love this game console, in fact my absence online and in blog is partly blame in this console. I still have plenty of games in the past that I played over and over again since it was fun or even some games that I never finished because I got bored. (Grand Turismo had such long races that put's me to sleep).

My next console? Probably will be one of my next big purchases. However next gen consoles, requires next gen television but we will see.. :)

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