Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do not feed the trolls

My mind got so muddy in the recent "clean" event that happened recently. There are many views on the situation, but most of the views on it does not reflect how I feel about it.

Most of the articles I read online are mostly editorial reviews or personal reviews on the situation, not news reports. Might as well read Facebook comments or check out local forumn threads. It makes me depressed to be  reading such things, as I felt that it was like a personal attack to me.

However I do forget the cardinal rule of the Internet "Do not feed the trolls". Trolls are basically people who writes something on the Internet with the intention of creating many caps lock on response from people. One can also say that its a way to provoke someone so that you will get a response, usually very emotional from them.

Some how these things hit me to the core lately, and I can't seem to let go of it. A more sane and logical side of me says to me that I should not get so worked up on what 0.18% of the population who claim to represent our country or that 10% of the total users of a very famous social network in Asia "liked".

"Do not feed the trolls" is something my mother would say if she actually knew what that meant, but she did say something similar. Anyone can upload anything on the internet and say something about it (like your's truly) or upload something on Youtube and describe what it was or go even further by editing the videos, add in some music, some text and make it into a master piece.

Anyone can say anything based on their assumptions and beliefs and post it online. It reminds me of a cartoon strip I read in a local newspaper. We usually think the Internet is a stadium, while we stand on a soapbox and preach to the listening masses, while in reality everyone in the stadium is standing on a soapbox wanting everyone to listen to what they say.

I usually just don't give damn about these things, but recently its something that has been bothering me for so long, and in the cyberspace I kind feel alone, but then most of the people I know who are vocal about these things have a different opinion from what I have. Perhaps its time to get new friends?

Do not feed the trolls, they want this kind of response, this kind of attention. When they do, the succeeded. Did they get to me? They did for a while in the past, after all, every teenagers and young adults are just rebellious in nature and easily persuaded to do something. Heck, I think I might just be one and start trolling too. I think I can handle it, its just not worth losing my mind over it

Do not feed the trolls.....

Do not feed the trolls, no matter how cute or united they seem to be

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