Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mega Bitch ?

Bitch, is another word for a female dog.

It is also a vulgar term used to describe a women is troublesome, bossy, fussy or just a general pain in the arse. However when we use it to describe a man, the meaning has changed a bit. It generally means a slave that does everything for another person.

So when a woman is mega bitch, you know how hellish it feels when you are under her management. Or if she is a acquantence, you know she brings a lot of trouble to you and cause you to be miserable.

However when a man is a bitch, he does anything a person does, like a slave.

That is when we used it as a noun, when used as a verb such as "Quit bitching around" "I need bitch about something" It means you are going to complain a lot about something.

Tonight? I feel like all the meaning of bitch of the above. Must stay in room, must have some comfort food, I don't care, I went to the gym, so it will equal to the stuff I eat..
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