Friday, August 29, 2008

Budlee presents...

Yup budlee presents, this week was my seminar proposal presentation. I was so nervous that day, I had hyper movement of my bowel which results to 3 trips to the lavatory. I mean it was hell week for me, barely talking to people and having to skip gym for 2 days, and I even forgot to eat lunch. Eeeek!! this humongous projector screen will show my slides of what I plan to do, in front of people some more.. scary like hell meh.... I was like so nervous everything seem to go dark, my height, my weight, my looks, my confidence, my relationships and even my car. I felt like just running away at that time, I got a car with full tank of petrol so I could go really far from this stressful situation.

EEKK !!! the judges. help help help..I want to run away meh..but my prof was there, my labmates were there, my labmates from the other labs was there..!!!! EEEEK.. its now or never. I am the last person of the first group to present.

What is this look? The look of death, the looks of craziness (why so serious muahahaha!!). Actually this was after the presentation... The whole thing for some divine reason went well. The judges were smiling, prof were smiling and people were listening. This sense of relief felt better than anything I experienced before and the sudden rush of endorphins suddenly turned my gloomy life into something bright and cheery. Everything seem to be in a different light. Life suddenly don't sucked as much. Everyhing has its reason, and I know I will find a way around it.
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