Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday and Therapy

My friend Amad had a small birthday dinner with a few friends in tow today. He bought a laptop bag as a present while I got his friend a 2gb thumbdrive. Amad's friend told me later that he never has a thumbdrive before because he uses his MMC flash card with its adaptor to be used on PC. Hee I nail the present right on the dot :D.

I like riding in the back of people's car especially with friends that would listen to your every rambling. Its like cheap travelling therapy I tell you to just have someone will nod and "u huh" everything you say no matter how crazy it may sound.

I can sleep, eat or even sing (really really badly) in the back seat and they won't mind. Well I don't think they do :D. Its nice to just have some place to just wind down and forget about everything else :).

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