Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That feeling inside

I went out with my family after gym today to Jusco Cheras Selatan. My mother said my brother needed some trousers. So we headed off to Padini Authentics because my brother, wanted some skinny fit pants. Padini was never my store because they sell clothes that just never fit me. I mean they don't even have sizes in inches but instead the regular abbreviations (S,M,L,XL). As I were loitering around the store and just looking at the pants, one of the saleslady said "the largest size we have here is 36". I felt quite offended at that remark, is that another way of saying "I am sorry fat people don't shop here okaay". Anyways its probably because I have not taken my dinner yet. So as I was browsing the shorts area, out of no reason I just took one out and test it on my neck. My dad told me our neck is about half the circumference of our waist, so we can test the trouser if they fit or not by just measuring it to ones neck. So I did, to my surprised the trouser ends actually touched each other and I was not turning blue. Out of curiosity I tried it out, in the dressing room. Holy Crap I could try it on and the pants actually can be buckled together with out me turning blue. Before this the trousers wont even fit my thighs now I actually can buckle them together. However these were size 36, so my gut was hanging out, but nevertheless, the trousers actually buckled!! WHOa.. I mean I don't think I lost weight but most of my pants now are loose, I had to add more holes to my belt so my pants won't slip out. Since 36 was the largest size in Padini, I went to FOS and tried on some bermuda's at 38. WHOA those actually fit me nicely although its a bit snug, but the cutting is nice and I don't look like a tent. NGEEEE!!! if I keep this up, my credit card will be maxed out... because I have to alter my clothes or just get new ones :D. Definitely something that motivates me to run even more on the cross trainer :D

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