Sunday, August 31, 2008

From Melaka to Putrajaya to Balakong

I went back to my mother's hometown last Saturday, to help/drive/sleep/eat at my grandmother's house. This is cousin with her Elephant, such a sweet lovable girl who loves to smile and drag her peach elephant around.

This is Mico, my grandmother's cat. This is the cat that eats chocolates and does not mind being sat on by one of my baby cousins. Such a patient and old cat.

I went to Putrajaya on Saturday night to visit a chat friend. We have been chatting on and off for a while and finally decided to meet. We were to meet a Putrajaya, however for some strange reason there were massive of people just hanging out there and causing a massive traffic jam. The police had to come by and shoo every one away because the fireworks and celebration is at Dataran Merdeka and not at Putrajaya like some would have expected.

He drives a customized olive green Myvi. We both are car lovers and would chat about the latest developments in the automotive industry. I really like how he customized his Myvi, not too flashy but enough to make you look twice.

On Sunday, I went to Balakong to fix our Naza Ria horn. I suffered for a few crutial day with out the horn. I was going balistic not being able to honk at that bastard or bitch on the road. Grrrr....

A bit of wiring here, tweaking there and the horn is back to normal. Those fortunate enough to be riding the Naza Ria with me, will know that horn "echoes". It means that just pressing the horn once will make about 2 seconds worth of "horn echoes" so you don't have to press it too long when dealing with idiots on the road.

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