Sunday, August 17, 2008

Being Neighborly

This is my neighbor who's having their house renovated, just like any other houses around my area. Since their house in on a corner lot, one can do so manythings.
One thing I don't like is that they (the contractor or neighbor) likes to block the road with all the construction material. If a simple act of the just putting sand or soil is illegal and you could be fined. We did when our contractor foolishly placed sand outside our home during our renovations.
Anyways the blockage does not stop there, they even got this crane, which I seen in big construction sites to carry sand and material to the top floor. How over the top and kiasu that it. The whole took up all the road so people have to take a "longcut" to the neighborhood to pass through. I mean there are plenty of other houses here whose house got renovated without the use of a crane. Really "kiasu" one these people. (Well the fat hag who lives there is Chinese Muslim.. so no surprises there)
Anyways they also like to block this road with the trash can for the construction waste and other materials. Okay about the old fat ugly hag that lives there. When my house got broken into and my dads laptop were stolen, that old hag told people, that no one broke into our house, instead it must be one of her sons who sold the laptop and cut the grill for money. THAT UGLY FAT BITCH!!! No wonder she looks at me funny. I mean if you don't know your neighbors its usually a blank face with just a crack of smile. When I drove back to my house and her fat ass is blocking the road she looks at me with a certain agenda. Even my mom told me she had a bad vibe about that fat ugly hag and she just don't care about her or care to be friends with her. UGhh.. she makes me sick. She is kiasu and berlagak one... arghh..
*I think she is the same age with my mom, but my mom has a better body, better skin, and hell lot better and planting and keeping her garden nice. That old ugly hag has a jungle in her back yard.
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