Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vivi to KLIA

I had an errand to do at KLIA last Saturday. First was to test Vivi stability at top speed because the highway leading to KLIA provides ample oppurtunity to test a car's limits. Second, Hairie is going to Europe for a business trip and since I have not seen him for a while this would be a good way to just meet up and catch up on each other's lives.

We had our meal at this cafe at KLIA which serves a variety of Asian meal although there are sandwiches and croisants there too.

Hairie had the Mee Hoong goreng, its quite dry but edible. I had the assam laksa, nothing special about it but taste like any other assam laksa on the market, however its not so bad and you can see and taste visible fish chunks.

I had a chance to borrow Hairie Ipod shuffle. Its so small and light, the sound quality was excellent and its 2gb of memory stores more than enough songs for my gym. My hand was itchy to swipe my credit card for this :D.

Gosh, I feel like the majority people of the world right now with an Ipod stuck to my ears :p. Anyways since its been a long time since I saw Hairie, you can view him at Dr Shah and Abg Bears blog, he has really shown results since he joined the gym earlier this year. I swear to god, his head shrunk (not really he lost a bit of chubiness in his cheeks, hence the smaller head) and his arms is well developed. Hmmm this just drives me to work out better and control my food intake :D
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