Monday, August 11, 2008

Makan-makan with friends :)

This another pending post that I finally get to upload :D. All my makan2 session that happened last week :)

My good friend Amad has decided to open up a burger/roti john stall at Puchong Perdana, not far from his house. I came here after gym just to chat with him, "kacau2" his nephews who is working at his stall and to have my roti john with no mayo or beef burger with out mayo.

Amad let me on a little secret. The spices for roti john actually comes in a freeze dried powder form. So you just need eggs, and cooked meat to make the batter. Hmm this sounds great so that I could make it at home :).

On Saturday when I got Vivi tinted, I dragged Amad out to meet me at 101 mall for lunch. We had lunch at Kenny Rogers. I was intrigue with the Go Green Menu which basically adds a Cesar Salad or Garden Salad to its 1/4 roasted chicken plus one side lines with a muffin. I love Cesar salad because of the Romaine Lettuce and the croutons.

I think I better reduce my Oil Of Olay Total White usage. That stuff really does brightens up your dull dark skin.

Amad had a friend tagged along with us that day. D is blog shy so I had to delete his face. D is a nice guy, a bit shy at first but he is a good guy to hang out with.

During our Kenny Roger lunch, I said to Amad, why not we bring D to William. I been wanting to eat at William since Inah, Ziana, Abg BM and Dr Shah kept having dinner there :p. Besides I want to bring D to the William side. Muahahahah step into the William side my friends and you will never go back :D. Again our blog shy D, with his face deleted :D

Amad had a fever that night, but he insisted on going also to William. Both D and Amad were patient enough to wait for me at 11.30 to pick them up and drive them to Kelana Jaya, which is the location of William :D

Amad had the Chicken Chop Friend Rice, with black pepper sauce. YUM!!! very nice, I really liked this dish :).

D had the staple menu of any chicken lover, the chicken premium :)

I had the beef lasagna. The interesting is this is not lasagna with beef but instead its baked beef with lasagna because there is so much beef in it :)

Hey Dr Chen, you are not the only one with the orgasmic face when enjoying good food. Oooh baby, the generous mozzarella cheese and the juicy meatball beats any hotel lasagna. Oh yeah, my tongue had an orgasm from eating this and my body felt tingling all over :D

Amad and D has the privilege of being my first non family, non UPM friends to ride in my Viva. Anyone wants a ride in the "best for value", "fuel efficient" Viva ;). I love the comments people give when they ride in my Vivi. "WOW", "Hey its very spacious lah in here" "It feels like a Myvi, but narrower". He he, small on the outside, big on the inside :).

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