Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Garden, The Bags, The Premier...

I went bag shopping with my mum and sister last Sunday.

She tried this one
And this one.

ooh some more.. did I mention we went to look bags.. :p. Anyways we did a lot of looking but no buying from my mum or sister. By the way I forgot to mention we went to Robbinson, at The Gardens, located next to Midvalley. It was not so bad, since I did not end up buying a handbag myself :p (refer to the post where I dyed my hair because I follow my sisters and mum to the salon). I never knew there were so many colours, shapes and sizes. Prices range from RM 50 to RM 5000. A feast for the eyes definitely. :). The most unforgettable moment on this shopping escapade is the Premier Washroom. Its basically a RM 5 ringgit toilet. Yup you heard me, RM 5 to piss or do number 2. Other than the price, there is actually a person all dressed up well with a blazer and shiny leather shoes at the counter in front of the washroom. I paused for a moment when the receptionist at the toilet said "Welcome to the washroom, may I help you"... I replied.."errr where is the non premier toilets..." It was one of the most strangest moment in life for me. I mean what does a person in that place do if she ask you the same question. Strange answers came into mind such as "Yes I do need help, I have diarrhea/constipation, what do you recommend? My bottom is sensitive, do you have hypo allergic soaps and tissues? ....


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