Sunday, August 3, 2008


There is my boy, they put him inside the showroom so that he wont get hot :). My black Viva :) Finally I got it today :)

Happy face :) With my brother, we drove to the dealer together, and I drove my boy back while my brother drove the Baby Benz home.

His first time at the petrol station with me :)

We are finally home :). He gets to see Baby Benz, the My Vee and the silver Elephant (Naza Ria)

Me and my boy decide to go to visit all the places I would go, so after taking my sister to Pudu, we both drove to Pavillion, a place I frequently visit :).

We bought JCO donuts and some magazines. I have Times card so I get a 5% discount for my magazines.

It was nightime already and it was time to go home. The fuel consumption was unbelievable. I used about 6 liter of fuel per 100 km that day :), which is about 16.6 km/ liter. My baby benz does 7km/ liter, this saving is going to be worth it in the long run.

Even the stereo system is great. Its so much better than the one in the My Vee. It has great bass to it.

I am calling my boy, Vivi from one of the Final Fantasy IX character. Vivi is a black mage whose posses powerfull offensive type of magic from ice, fire, electric, water, bio and earth. I am happy to have Vivi in my life :)

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