Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back To Kampung

Tis the season of rambutan.

Rambutan was everywhere
In every tree
In every yard
Of my kampung. My mother told me when she was young the government gave free Rambutan seeds to the village folks, so everyone plants Rambutan at their yards. People are hoarding rambutan at RM 1.50 a kilo at Tesco but at my kampung, there was just so many fruit, most of the fruit was left on the tree. In fact I am kinda sick of rambutan
We got more than enough rambutan to fill our car. These are the "gula batu" rambutan which is sweeter than the regular kinds.

Other than rambutans, we visited one of my mother's cousin and we (I mostly) feasted on durian kampung. YUM!!! they were so good I don't remember eating this much durian. Depending on individual I think I hate like 15 ulas of medium size "ulas" durian. I was burping fermented durian (tempoyak) all day long in the car, with the gross out squealing of my sisters :p

This is my mother with her aunt, which makes her aunt my great aunt. She is the oldest of the 5 siblings. Only she and her youngest brother who we called tok busu is the only siblings that is still alive. We called her "Nenek bunga" because she has a very nice garden that she mends outside her house. She is also one of the few relatives that still call me by my childhood nickname which is "boboi". I only have one other person not related by blood that I let call me my this name ;). Its a special name only for those who are family or who are very close to me :).

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