Thursday, August 21, 2008

Knee Jerk...

I have been going to the UPM clinic everyday since last Monday for treatment.
I have been undergoing this Sonotron treatment that the doctor has recommended.
Funny thing the applicator looks like a hair dryer.
The technician said The Sonotron is a non-invasive therapy device utilizing low power modulated radio-frequency (RF) and audio energy in the form of a visible and audible corona discharge beam. It was said to aid tissue healing. What's wrong with me? I injured my left knee in one of the aerokickboxing classes. I jumped a bit too high and landed on my left foot only. To make things worse, I did not bend my knees to brace the impact. Now I have to wear this leg brace at every waking moment, cannot step into any of the aerobic class, cannot run, and cannot use the cross trainer (my favourite machine at the gym) instead I was forced to sit on a bicycle and pedal away (boring!!!). The doctor advised me to skip gym for a week, I went on Monday but skipped on Tuesday and Wednesday. I never knew how much I liked gym until I was told not to go. I did not jump up and down or glee with fun. I was actually quite depressed about the whole situation. I mean who knew gym was something I loved to do, even with all the pain that comes in the morning. I liked it that I could punch, kick, run, walk, lift, and sweat all the things that has been bothering me all times. Now even after 2 days of gym free nights, those negative thoughts are coming back to haunt me. It kinda sucked, but I don't want to push it too much or risk being banned from gym all together/ Sigh...

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