Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Puasa

Its was the first day of puasa and it started on a holiday. It was not so bad since I get to sleep the whole day but when breaking fast is where the problem starts. I went to a relative house and there were lots of food, I took just a small bite of everything.. but since there were so many food, I felt ridiculously full. As we went back home, my sister who was sick did not have that much to eat so she opted for McD because she could taste the food there and she liked the Coke Light because it helps her feel less bloated. Anyways she ordered a large set and asked me to finish up the rest of it. I just cannot denied the meal, some people in some parts of the world are starving now and I am just going to throw the food away. Sob sob.. sad because of the current situation by some people around the world and how my diet is going to crash during fasting. Unlike other people, I gained weight during fasting month because I consume more food at night and become less active in the day. I gotta go to the gym, even during the day to burn some extra calories, or drive straight to the gym after terawikh to do some cardio... I don't want to gain more weight, I am loosing steadily and I will not be beaten off track. :(
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