Saturday, September 20, 2008


I was assigned to help out for lab practicals last Friday. We have these environmental students coming into the my lab to see how their studies and parasitology work together. We divided the lab into 3 areas, PCR (mine), Ovitrap (Zuk my sole male lab mate) and Slide Preparation (Kak Hanim, our technician)
This is my lab mate, finally after 2 semester I have a male labmate, kinda sick and tired of hearing girl talk all the time. He is explaining his ovitrap, a contraption used to capture mosquito eggs.

Kak Hanim is explaining the various procedure on slide preparation using feces.

This is one of our thermocycler. Yes we have two, the normal thermocycler and this the gradient thermocycler. Both are used in PCR, a technique used to replicate minute amount of DNA so that it will be abundant enough to be detected. I am the only one in my lab that uses this machine. Soon we will have another PCR machine that can be used for RNA sample, that comes from viruses. That is Zuk's master project.

This the gel reader after we run agarose gel electrophoresis using the sample we run in the thermocyler. It creates that cool purple shades that I shown in my blog before I place my Vivi's picture.

The laminar airflow, this is where we mixed all the reagents in PCR together. It is the most important thing in PCR, to prevent contamination, in order to get a good result

This is the evaporator machine. Kak Hanim told me, this machine is use to extract chemicals from herbs so that we can test its efficacy.

You think you household freezer is cold, this is colder. Its a -80 Celsius freezer used to keep serum samples.

This is something Bibiq Nyonya was talking in his blog, the autoclave. This is the microbs lab autoclave, we have one in my lab, but it has not been set up yet.

Another equipment in our lab is the projector. This is the one that is installed in the ceiling, there is two portable ones also. Great for powerpoint presentation and sneaking a movie during the weekend :p

This is a belly dancer, no I am not kidding, they do called it a belly dancer. Beyonce and Shakira will get jealous with the moves this machine produces. You put whatever you need to be shaken slowly, and this machine will twist and turn the green table so that your chemicals will mix together very well.

This is the heated shaker and rotator. Its heated because you can set at what temperature you want your chemicals to be shaken or rotated.

*dedicated this post to perky, coz she wants to see what a lab looks like now :D. Sorry perky, I don't have a supercomputer. Maybe you should find a blogger that does his master or PhD in computer science :D

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