Friday, September 12, 2008

Getting better in time

I need to get back to blogging and just move on. I feel a bit better but I still use minyak cap kapak regularly because I still feel a bit nauseous in the morning.
Opss the last "surau kayu" was the wrong surau kayu that I went :p. This was the real one.

A small surau with a small number of people. There are more women than men that attends this one. My mother told me the relatives of Yassin, the singer/songwriter attends and leads at this surau. I guess she was right since I could see the resemblance of the Imam and bilal there. There is even one little boy about the age of 3, that walks around us when we pray. He just wonders around looking for his dad who is either the bilal or imam. The very cute and very fair boy was a normal thing at that surau, that no ones gets mad but everybody seem to be smitten by him.

3 kittens out for a quick snooze last week during a seminar at UPM.

At Tesco Kajang, a day before puasa we were greeted a by a troupe of traditional Malay musicians.
Their traditional song and chants fills the air inside Tesco and was a warm welcome to the fasting month.
*I am getting back to my life, I have been putting it on pause for a bit too long. I am gonna be alright but I still can't listen to the radio all that much or watch that much TV. Like most of my friends said, I am going to be alright. I am, I will, I have too...

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