Sunday, September 28, 2008

New clothes, New hair, New Month

Its time to shop for raya clothes. I still be using last year Baju Melayu. So I need to buy just jalan2 clothes. My sister complain I only buy cheap clothes. Cheap as in under RM 50. She saids it just looks bad :( Hey I don't have that much cash in hand to get stylish stuff so I get anything that is comfy and on sale. So my family decided to pay for it, for something expensive and good quality and cut they say. Nautica had a sale off, so we decided to get some. I found out I know could get smaller size clothes, which fits my body prefectly.
This is great news, no longer I need to asked if this comes in a larger size :D.

I could fit into most XL now instead of XXL, even some L sizes such as this shirt, fits me perfectly. Lucky for my broad shoulders, my stomach does not protrude out as much. But the I have been losing some weight lately :). I can't wait to loose more and get more clothes :D

New hair cut is also in check for raya. I decided to go really really short without going bald or going skin head.

Also I ask the mamak to shave off all the so called facial hair I have and just leave my trademark side burn to my ear length. New hair, new clothes, and new life perhaps after this..

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