Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Buka Puasa at Alamanda

Yesterday, Amad and I had our berbuka puasa at Alamanda. He never tried this place before.

Manhantan Fish Market. I ate here (but not in Alamanda) a few times before and I like it.

They had a special buka puasa promotion, that we both like it. A set, with rose soya bean, kurma, starter and dessert. Yum!

We sat outside because Amad smokes. (Ms Jay would scream at Amad, "I need neck".. I am stenching my neck to show it.. it shows the jaw line and makes you less chubbier in the face :p, oh wait I did loose some :p.. don't matter if people can't see it, my pants, scale and mirror can :D)

This the lovely starter clams or whatever you called in a cheese sauce.. YUM!!! it goes well with bread.

We had the set where there is butter and herb rice, fries, flame prawns and deep fried (fish, squid and oyster).

For dessert we had tiramisu. YUM!! so good.

I just had to have ice cream after that, Baskin Robbin that is, in a chocolate waffle covered cup :D. There was two scoops of ice cream, one was Very Berry Strawberry and the other one was Mint Chocolate Chip.

So good, that you just have to finished off the whole cone :D

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