Sunday, September 14, 2008


I went to the airport with my mother to fetch my dad. He just got back from Sudan and he will be celebrating Raya with us this year.

We had to wait outside of the terminal because his flight was delayed and the nasty police officer won't let us wait in the terminal because some fat ugly Camry 2.4 driving kiasu chinese whore complained. BITCH!!!! I langgar your kereta nanti biar cabut bumper mahal ko!!! Thank god it was fasting. Should taken her picture and post it at a adult sex friend website. Anyways it was tiring really to wait so I just sat in the Naza and listen to reruns of JJ and Rudy gotcha calls. I love the part when this gedik girl caught cheating on her boyfriend, live on the air. It was hilarious how shameless she was flirting with this commercial announcer with the deep sexy voice. She was Malay and her boyfriend was Malay. Her boyfriend was so pissed off when she gedik2 with the announcer and wanted to go out with the announcer. It was priceless to catch your cheating partner like this.

I been looking back at past pictures of myself. I lost about 6 kg since my trip to Terengganu with my mistaken golden mahogany dark blonde hair ( it was red hair basically). My face was so full back then compared to now. My pants are getting baggier by the moment. I am on a roll and happy with the result of my diet, exercise, depressed and getting sick plan. However all of it might change and I might gain back all the weight and more... because of him......

Its him!!!! He will be the downfall of my weight loss!! My FATHER on a shopping spree at the Bazaar Ramadan.!!!!! Help!!! just now he bought like 4 different kinds of drinks, and 5 types of kuih. I opted for laksa to lessen the damaged. I was like oh crap, mcm mana nih, nanti tak mkn he will get mad because we would not finish food on the table. *Hyperventalating... Ok2 I gotta play it cool, gotta drink just one cup of sweeten drink while drowning my self with water after that, and that I must not eat rice EVER at berbuka and I must get back to the gym after class. I was sick and busy for the first 2 weeks of puasa so I went to the gym only once. I must keep my 6 kg off, I MUST!!! For the love of Padini pants and finding new love interest. I MUST!!!!! ARGGHH!!! what time is it!!! Must get enough sleep, lack of sleep causes weight gain.. Tidor2 ...!!!!!!

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