Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hot Stuff 2

Its a Sunday and I am still not feeling well yet, my meds are finished and yet I still have a runny nose and fever. 4 days man.. this is the longest fever I got that I could remember. One of the many challenges of Ramadan.

Sleeping is good during ramadan as long as you still remember to pray :D. I was tired, really tired, mentally, emotionally and physically tired. Fasting has really exposed all of my weakness that I used to cover up with eating and recently exercising. Since I can't really do both during the daytime I am switching to other religious activity to make up for it. People say don't think about it too much, let it go with the flow or just do it, sadly I am trying hard to follow it. Its facing the problem head on, am I ready or prepared to face it?. I hate to say I don't know but I really don't.

*I still miss someone I know very dearly, we are so near yet so far. Maybe its my fault, maybe its not. What ever happens, already happens, I just wish I could turn back time and return to that happy time and place.

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