Friday, September 26, 2008

A New "Baby"

Yup a new baby had arrived at our home 2 days ago. It was my dad's reward for working so hard overseas for a few years already. A new car was something he wanted for a long time.

What better car for him, then a brand new Honda Accord.

This is an executive car. In America, its considered as a large car. For Americans, who we know likes everything super sized and pick up's are still the best selling vehicles there, when they say the Honda Accord is a large car, it is really a large car. It has the same length and width of a Naza Ria, our family MPV. So you can imagine how big this car really is.

My dad, opted for the mid range version of the Accord. The 2.4 liter i-VTEC. The Accord comes in 2.0 and 2.4, in line 4 cylinder engine, while the mammoth 3.5 is a V6 engine. Basically i-VTEC is a mechanism that allows the engine to work efficiently at any speed. It can be really fuel efficient when cruising or when travelling at lower speeds or give that extra boost of power when you stepped on the accelerator pedal. He is loving this car because its pack full with gadgets such as paddle shifts like those on the F1 cars, in dash 6 dish changer, electronic stability control, and auto cruise to name a few. He has been driving this car everywhere since he will have to go back to overseas for his work. I teased him a lot that for the first 1000km, my Viva can go a lot faster than his Accord, because my engine has been run in already. It ticked him off that I said while I can go 140km in my car and out run him when we go back to kampung. He snapped back and said small cars should not travel fast, or it will fly off the highway when a lorry passes you by. Gee, he must be really pissed, I mean a lorry that chases my car at 140km, I think his Accord will also fly off too. Well its my fault for testing his ego.. Muehehehehe... Who cares I will be driving the Accord, once a week after he fly off. Cars need to travel longer than the a trip to the kedai runcit or problems will occur (at least that is what I heard, who cares, that is a reason to drive his car :D). Well we will take two cars instead of one MPV to kampung this year. My dad wants to show off his new cars, and my relatives want to see my Viva.

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