Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have been pending this entry for a very long time, but finally I got to squeezed some time to do it :D. Ziana gave me one award and I think I shall start giving out some too :)

I like to give out this award to Rizal, a dear Bruneian friend whose big heart, big personality with the cutest smile whom would listen to me during my (many) times of despair :).

Cun? For me its like another word for "that's hot" So I am giving this award to one cool mum whose entry about her children and her life that would always made me laugh. Its goes out to Kak Ita for her stories about life, food, Money River (Sg Wang) and Ampang fuck :p
Owh for this I would say it has to be Wahdi. This Alfa Romeo driving (I heard he changed car but I dunno what?), picture taking, IKEA loving, dessert making (I LOVE all of his recipe), gym going, Starbucks drinking, interior design fella. Besides he likes green and the award is in green :p.
Mesra, just like my petrol station mart (Kedai Mesra Petronas) goes out to my babe, Inah, is Aussieland. The friendliest girl that you have ever met even though if you met her once her warmth and friendliness make it seemed that you known her forever.

"Cantek, menarek, tertarek, sememangnya the bomb". For me one of the most "cantek" or nice looking blog is from our own specialist Dr Shah, who is now furiously studying for his exams. His blog is fulled of pictures of people, food, scenery and even cats :)

Creativity definitely goes to Bibiq Melaka. This person instead of quantity, has quality in his blog. Many of his post just bring tears to my eye, tears of laughter from laughing so hard at most of his post
What is sophisticated? For me its just a cool blog with cool stuff, such simple and narrow view right :D. Ah who care my awards, my reason :D. I give this to Saharil Conteng. His blog is just post of pictures, writings or illustration. It looks simple but each entries has something deep or meaningful that is hidden behind the humour. It adds a bit of class since its just not a picture for the sake of a picture.
For this, I give this out to a good chat friend of mine Ziana. She was sweet enough to give me an award so I just have to give this to her because she seem to be able to blog almost any occasion from a heartbreak, to a trip to Germany and to berbuka puasa with both of her family :D.

I do not know who am I going to nominate for this award since its not the end of the year yet and I still have a few blogs that I have not added to my read list even though I go through it from time to time. Hmm maybe in the end of the year perhaps....
*I obtained all this awards/button from this website
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