Thursday, September 25, 2008

Permanis Factory Sale

Permanis, the company that produces Pepsi, Mirinda, 7 up and other soft drinks had its anual factory sale for Raya.
You can get fantastic deals here. 1 dozen of 1.5 liter soft drinks is RM 24 and RM 27 depending on the brand.

You just go to one of the representative and fill up the order form of the drinks you wants.

Line up among the crowds and stacks of drinks and then pay at the counter.

Stacks of drinks just waiting to be consume. I wanted to buy Frost Root Beer but they were sold out. After getting the receipt, you can either wait for them to take the drinks for you or do like we did we just took charge and take them ourselves.

After collecting all our drinks, I go take my car, show them the receipt and wait in line to load our stuff in

We then load our stuff in my Naza Ria and make sure we our drinks that we bought is enough

Muahaha half of a Naza full of drinks.. :D. I only bought 6 cartons, the rest of it are the ones that my friends bought. Raya this year will be a cinch since we don't have to contently keep making more drinks for the guest.

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