Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I seen you before

We see this everywhere and it seem to increase during ramadan, a month where everybody is trying to do good or pretend to do good. See this makcik in blue tudung. Her leathery skin from staying in the sun for too long and her sad expression of what had happened in the past. Those who had a heart would drop a ringgit or two to help this poor lady. I was just wondering, how did the makcik get to this bank in Kajang town. This is because I saw her last Friday at UPM mosque begging for spare change. Did she drove here, ride a bicycle, took the bus, take the taxi or did someone or a group to took her here in front of the bank. I heard of this syndicated beggars where they go in groups or travel to hotspot places to beg, but this is the first time I saw it with my own eyes. I usually don't give them money unless they are doing something, like singing or selling something or if they are really2 handicapped. No, not those who maintained an open wound to beg but really handicapped. I saw a lady once when I was in Form 5 at Keramat, she had no neck, just her face and torso connected with one eye on the side and a small mouth. She was singing a song while sitting down at the local pasar malam. People actually stopped in their tracks when they saw her, including myself. Hmm.. things you see around you...

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