Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I like the old style surau you know, the ones that are half made with wood. It has that rustic feeling to it.

Everything felt like a blast from the past .

The kampung style curtains, worn out praying mats (sejadah). Unlike the concrete mosque and surau, the wooden one are much cooler and more comfortable to pray in. BTW where is this surau you would ask. Its in Kajang actually, not far from my house. Its located at Sg Kantan. Sg Kantan area feels very kampung with the small roads and individuals lots with different style houses. Its like the suburb but kampung style. Even the people that goes to this surau gives me the Kg vibe, as if I went back to my mother's hometown, except that people here do not speak the Ngeri dialect. Other reason for me to choose this surau is that my mother told me, this surau starts its terawikh prayer late and ends early, meaning that the imam goes quite fast actually throughout the prayers. This was perfect because I needed to go to gym directly after it. I mean if I can go to the gym I can definitely go to terawikh prayers. I do not plan to get fat this puasa, not this month, not this year. Too many things have happened and I need someplace to let it out.

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