Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kuih Raya

Its time to bake Kuih Raya or Raya biscuits. My mother sent me to the near by supermarket to get some ingredients. She told me Tesco ran out of Buttercup butter so she told me to go to Econsave. I haven't been to Econsave for a long time, since Tesco Kajang open. I forgot why I like Econsave is that the store is small, but it has everything and sometimes its a lot cheaper.

They ran out of Buttercup butter and left only FarmCows. The reason Buttercup butter ran out so fast is because its rather cheap, about RM 2.65 per bar than Fernleaf butter which cost almost RM 5. The main reason for this is that Fernleaf is 100% butter while FarmCows and Buttercup are butter blended with vegetable fat (margarine).

Today we are making Kuih Gunting, one of my mother's favourite Kuih Raya. My sister helps with cutting the dough into small strips using scissors (gunting = scissors in malay).

My older sister will fry the dough into golden brown goodness.

Voila, Kuih Gunting ready to be eaten after berbuka.

Next, we have Kuih Siput (Shell biscuit), another of my mother's favourite Raya biscuits

These shell shape biscuits are also deep fried to perfection

I always seen my mom rolling the dough on the special tool to make the shell shape, but in the past I seem to not be able to do it, until today. At first my Siput end up looking like a caterpillar (ulat bulu) but as I gotten the hang of it, even my mother complimented that my Siput is turning up very well :D. Well next Kuih Raya will be Cornflakes and Semperit. Yum!!

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