Sunday, September 28, 2008

Santini Buffet

On Saturday, was my family and I had our berbuka at Santini KLCC. The buffet was reasonable at RM 39 per person.

I started out with a salad, with Samosa and Ayam Limau Purut

Then continue with Jambu Madu, langsat and a piece of cheese cake.

My younger brother and sister ordered this fries, twisty potatoes and wedges set with a delicious dip on the side.

I continue on with more desserts of Marble cake, bread pudding, chocolate cake and more cheese cake.

We ordered a basket of garlic bread, which was so good :)

I then took some pasta salad, beef rendang, chicken kerabu, sambal paru and more chocalate cake. Its was definitely very satisfying for all of us. What to do after a full stomach at KLCC? Shopping of course :D

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