Sunday, May 15, 2011


I was having lunch with a bunch of friends the other day when one of them said "Bud, I first started knowing you when you were doing your masters". I replied "I think everyone knew me when I was doing my masters"

I was not kidding.

Literally all the friends (and enemies) that I have currently, I found during my masters. My masters took about 4 long, terrible years and its still not over.

Its not that I don't have friends before I was doing my masters, but most of my friends I made during studying and living in hostels and in a rented apartment. Once we had a semester break or we finished studying, I would never see them again or the friendship will just taper off.

Friends during my masters are radically different.

First of all, most of them don't even go to class with me. Second, I found them through social networking sites. Thirdly, I found them through a friend and finally they are much older that I am.

This also creates a problem in my family because I guess they assume I have no friends at all. My mother even exclaimed "Why do you have so many friends?" I never knew there was cap limit in having friends. Her paranoia makes it hard to even get out of the house. When I do tell her, she keep asking questions like, Where did you meet them? How long did you know them? Are they married? Where are their from? Mind you this are questions that are being asked to me in my mid 20s not when I was a teenager.

Anyhow she can't really stop me and I do have to slither through her every damn restrictions. Its a challenge that most people with over bearing parents must face. We just gotta keep slithering through it and power through it,

Even if it means emoing in a blog or Facebook status....
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