Thursday, May 19, 2011


:Lately I have always been feeling hungry. Most of the time I feel the need to have something savory instead of sweet. Food with that umami taste, kinda like when I take a lick out of an Ajinomoto Peppersalt.

I wish I could learn how to make savory stuff instead of the usual sweet stuff I do with baking. I pretty much have an idea of what each ingredients in a cookie dough would do and taste like, but when it comes with savory flavours I am at a lost.

The only confirmed savoury flavours that I know I could work with is onions, and garlics because I would know how these two ingredients would smell and taste when added to food.

The only reason I know is because when I am feeling extra special, I would add onions and garlic into my fried eggs. Those boring eggs suddenly becomes more flavourful and I become a bit happier with it.

I tried to make "Kampong" style fried rice, using onions, garlic and anchovies, but it does not seem to work out. I just don't have the basic ratio of each ingredients.

Anything that we cook in the kitchen, requires a certain ration of each ingredients. My chef friend told me that a cookie dough will require 3/4 of dry ingredients and 1/4 of wet ingredients in order for it to be a good cookie dough, while another friend told me a cake batter is about 50:50.

With these ratios in mind, you can virtually create any type of cookie and cake according to the ratios that we know.

Now however, savory things are something I have in mind but my principles in cooking these savory things will still be the same which is, it has to be simple, easy and taste damn good.
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