Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Parking Lot

Parking in my house is a source of stress for me. This is due to my father's insanity that all cars should be parked inside by sunset. Regardless of what, all cars must be inside, as long as there is still a roof over the porch, the cars must still be in. The figure above is the layout of our parking configuration so that we could fit all 6 cars inside the gate. As you can see, our cars comes in variety of sizes. Mother and Father are the biggest and longest cars, followed by the Mine. The Sister and older Sister are of similar size while the Brother is the smallest of the lot.

In order to fit in all the cars the Mine  and  Brother's car can only be park at that spot only. Mother and Father can changes spots, so does the Sister and Older Sister cars.

Stress is caused when I come home late and Sister, Older Sister and Brother cars are already inside, so I have to take out 3 cars before putting Mine in and then park back the remaining 3 cars. Stress is also caused when Older Sister comes home late, since she can't park. If she does park, somehow you can open the door or walk around the car. She completely seals the car in. However, Sister and Brother are able to put their cars in and more, so that is not a problem for me. If however any car is blocking the Older Sister car, Mother, Sister, Brother or myself has to get the blocking car out so that Older Sister could get out.

Yes, parking sucks at my house and imagine trying to park while just woken up from sleep or after a rough night. Stress..
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