Monday, August 22, 2011


How can you people wear fitted clothes let alone skin tight ones. I always wondered about it since I feel uncomfortable wearing one. I love baggy loosey things, it feels so comfortable and free. I do have clothes that fitted but I don't like how they cling to my skin. Hence they are rarely worn except if I am going out withsome one that needs to be impressed.

Weight not an issue. Lots of big, bold, bulky people wear fitted clothes and lots of thin, slim, lean people wear baggy loose ones.

Am I against fitted clothes, judging by how rich my tailor is from the amount of clothes I bring to him, I actually embraced it in a good way.

The only time I felt truly comfortable in wearing a fitted jeans was a pair of Guess jeans at Klcc. It was really fitted but suprisingly comfortable, I was flabbergasted by it. Did I bought it? I would but although it was comfrotable if left very little imagination to anyone when I wear it...
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