Friday, August 12, 2011



It might be just a simple misspelled word of a regular greeting, is actually an inside joke among my new friends at my new part time job at Petrosains. After more than 3 months of waiting for Viva, I  decided that I just can't stay at home anymore. Its not like I spend all my days studying anyways. Anyhow it was a great experience and for me it was an outer body event. After 4 years of mostly doing things on my own, being thrown into a large group of people I never met and then working at a place where new people constantly come, is different like day and night.

It was a great way for me to practice all of the lessons I learned during my masters, whether it is inside the lab or out side of the lab. I am glad that both lessons paid off during my training. Am I totally a different person? Not really, I still have that lonely ranger thing going on, along with my nerdiness, constant babble, or sometime shy without a reason but its like a switch that I can turn on and off now.

Its really a wonderful experience to have and something I would remember for a long time

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