Thursday, October 27, 2011

From nothing to something to wtf?

Wow, I seen this water bottle practically everywhere now. Okay, that is exaggerating, but I can't help feeling that I belong in a club or something. Whenever I see someone with the same water bottle as me, I could not help but wanting to toast a drink with them.

Also, from actively blogging to ignoring it again. Hey, but at least it was a shorter ignorance time. I had a cold and lost my voice the first week of my SCAP work, and now on my last week of SCAP, another wave of cold and cough is coming. Since it almost took me 2 weeks to recover, I only gotten 1 week of health before getting sick again.. wtf... I would go to the clinic but they will end up giving me medication I already know I should take. If this cold flu thing, goes more than 2 weeks, then I will see the doctor.

Darn, I guess the sales assistant was right, I have to keep taking care of my health. I work in an environment where I am constantly exposed to germs from visitors each day and I have to talk for a long of periods of time in a cold and dry environment. It does not help that it rains practically everyday and I ride the public transportation. Gulp.. suddenly I realised what an infections environment I am now :(
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