Monday, September 12, 2011



You could say that? Its kinda like work, but the without much of the work benefits such as holiday, medical, bonus, EPF and such. Its kinda like what I did when I was doing my Masters, except I make much less, like almost 40% less, and I stand more.

However, the work I did during my masters, was very lonely. Yes, it did teach me a lot about working on my own and working with equipments, but its such a lonely experienced. My current work involves me working with people everyday. Each day is a new day with new people.

Its tiring, right now, my right thigh feels numb and tingles if I stand too much. Other than that, I like the interactions I get everyday.

Smiling towards strangers has never been easier, reminds me of a childhood days I had in the past where I was so carefree with life
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