Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Say Nothing

A few times, well that's total bullshit, well countless of times I have been misunderstood. Oooh such #firstworldproblems, but yeah it does happen. The thing I hate about it, is that it pisses me off even more because usually when it does happen it happens when I am venting out steam.

Its the cardinal rule to just agree with whatever anyone is saying when they are venting out steam towards you. Just nod, smile compassionately, make eye contact and say "How did you feel about it?". Seriously its so simple, but them you know, most of us, including myself are self righteous sometimes and we want to correct them.

Sometimes, just say nothing. In fact, that is what I will be doing from now on, especially when it comes to my thesis. Say nothing at all about it, because it just pisses me off and puts me a in a bad mood.
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