Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hancock, The Real Superhero?

Before the movie review, let me be my narcissistic self first :D
I got a haircut. I just cut it short on the side and back and have them thinned my hair at the top. Now I got two tone effect with my dark roots showing :D. A new style effortlessly
This has to be the most unique Kancil I have ever seen. The sport rims is one of the highlights, it covered almost the whole tires.
I went to Alamanda today with a new friend/blogger that I gotten to know of recently. Amad had a couple of rough months before which includes, family, financial and relationship problems, which made my problems seemed pale to his. I mean its better for us to talk about our problems that just letting it boil inside and kill us slowly. We had dinner at Pizza Hut to try out their new Pizza Hotdog. I quite like it the combination of a pizza, hot dogs and two type of topping. I am not fond of the relish they put on it but the mayonnaise and ketchup/chili sauce was excellent.

Ok, Amad and I went to see the premier of Hancock today at GSC Alamanda. Thank god I managed to get us tickets using the phone line so I don't' have to line up to get them. Anyways this was a story of your not so typical superhero. His name is Hancock. He can fly, he has super speed, he is virtually indestructible, immortality, and he has super strength. Hancock is also a drunk, has issues with anger plus he has no respect towards others. He was not very popular with the locals. This all changed when the PR whose life Hancock saved, tried to change Hancock life around so that he would be accepted into society. I would tell more but it would spoil the story. Well I don't read comics that much so I would say Hancock is a original story but I could be wrong. I mean Will Smith portraying as a person who is lonely, angry and misunderstood is phenomenal. You can see it in his face and body gesture. I mean you can see his emotionless face but gaze deeper into his eyes and you would feel his loneliness and how hurt deep inside he is. There was many parts of the movie that was funny, I was laughing so loud in the cinema and most of the jokes is slapstick so all of us could laugh at it. What ever you do, don't read professional reviews on this movie. I accidentally stumbled upon one so called professional movie critic and she said that the story make no sense because at one time Hancock was bulletproof but at another scene he got a gunshot wound. I bet the stupid bitch did not see the whole movie becausein the movie, they tell you when Hancock is most vulnerable. One grudge about this movie for me is that, there are some powers shown by the character in this movie that does not seem to be explained at all. Such as heat manipulation to make popcorn pops or the sudden weather changes. Other than that, I think this is the first Black Superhero on the big screen other than Storm from Xmen, if I am not mistaken. Plus the movie is not a direct ripoff from a comic or it could be from a comic or novel but not that popular yet. One thing I learned from this movie, everybody creates this shield so that we won't get hurt and show our emotions. We may act tough and seemed not care even though we are slowly dying inside or we may just pretend we are someone else just so that we could be happy. Sometimes the best way to love someone is to just let them go and let them be loved. I rate this movie 8/10. I hope for sequel because Will Smith makes a great hero. :D

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