Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Very Late Dinner at William

I was so damn tired last Monday, that I did not have the time to blog. My schedule on Monday was rather pack which includes travelling to part of Sunway which I had no idea where, which got me lost for an hour :p. All was not lost because at night, I went to William's with Amad. Amad brought along two of his friends, because they had never been to this place. Amad was craving for Uncle William's peperoni pizza and I wanted to try the spaghetti with meatballs. His two friend ordered the Premium Chicken and Fish and Chips. We had Mango Special Ice blended, Watermelon Ice Blended, Strawberry Banana Ice Blended and Strawberry Ice Blended. All came in a large glass. Mind you, we were all on the chub side and even we had trouble finishing the food, but I managed to finished all my spaghetti although some of the longan was no longer accepted according to my stomach :p

All of them were camera shy, so no pictures of my friends :D

As usual Uncle William has no menu, but those who come here often or blogs would literally memorize almost all the menu available. As I was telling them all the menu that was available at William, a couple at the next table listen in to my rantings and asked us for the special and the menu we were having. When they left, they ask if we could come again with them next time so that they know what to order (hey maybe, I should get a commission for telling almost all of the menu available in William :p). Anyways one of Amad's friends look exactly like Aizat from Akademi Fantasia. I was almost blurting out "Eh Aizat???" but I kept my big mouth shut and just act nothing happened, but I swear, he looked like Aizat before Aizat lost weight. It was very amusing for me. They were pleasant and friendly, it would be nice to hang out with them again :DThe real Aizat AF5.

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