Friday, July 18, 2008

Bangi Kopitiam

I was getting very hungry at 12 pm and suddenly a good friend of mine, Fira, suddenly sms me for lunch. I literally jumped to my feet because she had good timing. At first we wanted to go to Soho, but little did we know that it was closed during the day. So we opted for Bangi Kopitiam at.. well Bandar Baru Bangi :D.

Its a kopitiam or coffee shop that my friend loves to go to get her daily dose of white coffee.

This is the menu of the place, with a photo that was seemingly taken back in the old days.

Even the walls are plastered with the same picture. Overall they try to emulated just a little bit of those old kopitiam place

We both had the lime asam boi. No different from other places, has the right amount of asam boi and lime juice.

I had to get toasted bread with coconut jam (kaya) at these places. I think they used margerine istead of butter. Just like how mom used to make :p

This is the first time I tried their Nasi Dagang. Will not try it again, the gravy was too thin and sweet and the rice needed more salt. The fish was savour because Tongkol fish is already full of flavour and very meaty already.

My friend said the Kueh Tow Sup was rather bland and was not special at all. Since we both were hungry we quickly cobbled up everything :p. Last time I went to this kopitiam, I had the Laksa Johor which tasted so much better than these two food that we ordered. I would actually come again to this place :p but only to try dished that I already liked :D.

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