Sunday, July 13, 2008

Vitagen Family

My family has a serious addiction to Vitagen, a milk cultured drink. My youngest sister especially loves to have this drink every day. So do rest of the family :D

My mom got our weekly Vitagen directly from the dealer. A lady comes to our house every week to deliver 25 bottles of Vitagen in various flavours such as grape, orange, and apple.

The Vitagen's are usually cheaper that the ones at the hypermarkets but sometimes the hyper market slash down its prices even lower than the supplier. However the convenience of having them sending it to our house weekly is great. Some more, they have this offer if you collect enough stickers you can get this convenient cooler bag to carry your Vitagen on the road. Other than the classic Vitagen, they also have the reduced sugar version and the one with collagen added into them. The first for those who needs something less sweet and the latter for those who wants better looking skin.

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