Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kingdom of Heart 2 and A Bum

Last Friday night, I wanted to buy some more games for my Ps2, because the games I played a lot are scratched so much it is no longer usable. I went to another video game shop in Kajang that is located in front of McD Kajang. I never been at this place before, and as I was surfing the DVD games, I was pleasantly surprise that they have Kingdom of Hearts 2 in English. I been looking for this game for 2 years, finally I found it. I played Kingdom of Hearts 1 before and loved it very much. Imagine Disney and the Final Fantasy world are combined together in one game. I remembered in Kingdom Hearts 1 I was in various Disney cartoon world from Alice in Wonderland to Tarzan. There is even a level in Winnie the Pooh world. This second installment follows the same concept by combining the latest Disney Animated movies and Final Fantasy franchise into one game. I just can't wait to play it.

As I was getting home from Kajang and was waiting at the traffic light on my motorcycle. A stranger suddenly gave salam to me, I turned back and stared at him. He gave salam again at me, and I stared at him and then replied his salam. That guy said to me that he lost his motorbike and wants to go home. He asked me to give him a ride to the Caltex in front of Econsave. I said there is a Mobil in front of Econsave and I said I could give him a ride there.

I know its perfectly stupid to give a perfect stranger on the street a ride on my bike at night, but he was very close to me and I was the sole motorcyclist at the traffic light, I mean what if he suddenly attacked me and took off with my bike. So as I sent him to the petrol station in front of Econsave we passed a series of DARK, NON lighted exits/roads/lorongs/street corners. He told me to ride INTO those corners, I said know and that I would take him to where he wanted to go. So as we got to the DESERTED petrol station in front a BUSY road and hospital, he said to me to drive into the deserted petrol station to his some Tok Long house.

Okay I was officially freaked out, but I kept my cool. I told him nicely to get off my bike because I kept my promise and sent him to this location, at first he refused to get off and then starting to say he swears to Allah (god) that he was being honest. I was thinking HELL no, I am not THAT stupid to go into a dark alley with you.I kept my cool and told him to get off my motorbike. Mind you there was still heavy traffic near us. So as he got out and mumbled something, I sped off while he called at me. I was like, crap I got a street bum on my bike. Thank god it did not turn out violent or anything. I swear that he was touching my waist and pockets to see if I had a weapon or something. He even asked for 5 ringgit from me.

Urghh that was too close for comfort, I mean what would you do if you were alone at a traffic light and that guy got too close to you. You want to just pecut into traffic or something. I am glad I am not that naive and just kept on the public and busy roads. This is the LAST time I be nice to someone on the street.
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