Saturday, July 26, 2008


My mother, my sister and I went to IKEA today for the IKEA sale. Woo Hoo!!. We were surprised there were not this huge traffic jam at the entrance even though we went at around 11.30 am on Saturday. As we were looking for a parking space, suddenly this "pak guard" told us we could park at this space.

It was the "no parking space" okay but I got the "pak guard" picture so any clamping would have its deadly consequence from me muahahahah! :D.

We bought some small carry on stuff here and there including new glasses to repair the ones that we all broke :D. There were many items that were on sale which is not no longer available because they were out of stock.

Of course, all that shopping causes us all to be hungry. So off we went to the Ikea Restaurant. I have to admit this is THE BEST part of going to IKEA. I just love the food here.

I had the Chicken leg with herb gravvy, carrots and potatoes. The veggies and potatoes were a bit undercooked but still edible. The gravy is just nice, not too salty and the chicken is soft and juicy.

My mom had the Sweedish Meatballs with gravy, with a side of fries and lingoberry jam. This is so good, I love the meat ball and lingoberry combination. YUMMY!!!!.

My sister had the special of the day which is Chicken chop. Fried chicken with special gravy and fries.

We also had the so called Mexican bun, which looks like muffin or cup cakes to me. Both were good, chocolate and I think blueberry.

The chocolate Daim almond cake is something you should NEVER miss. This slice of heaven is so good, you can even buy the frozen ones to take home at the cafe near the check out counter. The mazarin on its life is also a bit of heaven that can be eaten. I forgotten what its made off but I will definitely get these again :).

The price is affordable with the quality and quantity that you get. I love it and the drinks whether soft drinks or hot drink have unlimited refills. Now that is true value :)

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