Saturday, July 26, 2008

Batman: The Dark Night

The Dark Night. I finally got a chance to see this movie a week after its premier. I got the press telling me that this movie has great chance of winning awards. Bloggers and friends telling me it’s the best movie they have ever seen. The Joker played by the deceased actor Heath Ledger will forever be the villain we love to hate that dresses in drag and in a custom made purple suit. How about Harvey Dent or we know now as Two Face. I bet you, that we will change the way we look at him forever after we watched this film. Don’t forget about Batman, rich guy, troubled past, bi polar disease, masochist, and enough brains, brawns and bank account to gain leverage with any other superhero.

Since this movie is about 2.5 hours (you won't feel its as long as that because you are at the edge of your seat most of the time), they plenty of time for other characters, the small parts, to actually have some time on screen. This is what I find interesting. The things a normal person would not do under, would do under intense pressure. Something that makes me kinda think, would I do the same thing

If you followed my movie review in my blog you would know my style to talk about things other than the storyline of the movie. Other people writes in greater and better details of the movie than I can. One thing for sure, I left the movie with a sick feeling in my stomach. Its not exactly a happy ending, but left me questioning things that are going on in my life. These are some of the question that pondered me after watching the movie.


How far would you go to protect your loved one? How would you react if you loved one was being hurt? What would you do if your loved one is being threatened? Would have you chose differently if you had a big decision about love? This movie poked and prodded so much on this. We all go to great lengths with our loved ones.

We would travel far just to see them smile. We would talk on the phone or chat online even though we had work to do. We remember almost all the details about them that no one else notices. We even let them be right most of the time because we loved to see their satisfaction of being right, even though they are not :p. We would always try not to make them upset but sometimes we stumbled and they do get hurt. This movie relieves all of my problems in my past relationships. We can react so differently from who we are when it deals with someone we love whether it would be a lover, a friend, a brother, a sister , or just anyone else.


What would you do to keep a secret? How far would you got to protect a secret? To what extent are you willing to do find out the secret? We all have our big secrets in our lives. Some big, some small, some so huge, you might as well start a new life with a new Alias because no one would let you back in theirs. I guess honesty is not a best policy after all.

We need secrets to protect, to protect ourselves and to protect our love ones. It may not sound fair but that is what we must to do survive and live in this world with other human beings. Secrets are what they are, not be talked, not to be written about. I wish I had known and understand that better.


Its something that we do each day, each decision has its pro and cons. How do we choose? I don’t think we can know that. We could have faith that which direction the we choose is something right for us, at that time. We should not think about the future that much when we have the present to worry about.

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