Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shoes, Smell, Shave...

My trusted Bata leather shoes finally gave way today. The leather was cracking, the sole was worn out and the lining inside was tearing apart. Now one of the laces just snapped, so its time to wear the new pairs I bought at Alamanda previously. Maybe I get a new lace and still wear these old tattered shoes to class :D.

I decided to go with the blue suede ones. At first I bought it because it was on sale, but actually after wearing it the whole day, these pairs are actually very comfortable to wear.

I had a craving for durians, and I got tired looking at Kak Ita, Abg Beruang and Abg Shah eating all the durians in the blog, so I decided to buy them in those shrink wrapped packages. My sister hated the smell of durian and she hated even more when I ate the durians and belch out the durian smell. One time during my belching (burp = sendawa) sessions, I let a good one out and the smell, was like nauseous. During that time my youngest sister was present and she smelt my burp and suddenly exclaimed "YUMMY, what a good smell, did Mama made Masak Lemak Tempoyak Pucuk Ubi"? My other sister was there also and she suddenly laughed out loud, and I was literally rolling on the floor laughing along. My younger sister had this puzzled look until I told that the smell of her favourite gravvy was actually the by product of my stomach acid release a bit of gas through my mouth. (Tempoyak = fermented durian.. as I type this I am belching some more of that unique aroma :p)

I rarely shave, I just don't' have that much facial hair. The only thing I know that I can grow out that most people can't is my side burn. That is why you can see my side burn will go below my ear and near my jawline (if you can see my jawline that is..) Usually I will just wait till my next hair cut and let them trim it. So I let it grow crazy. Now I keep my hair longer than usual so I had no choice but to shave it. Now however it seems the side burn seemed to be growing faster than usual. So I had no choice but to do it myself. I usually buy those disposable shavers but I can't help it that I am wasting so much plastic, plus those disposable ones are not exactly the best kinds to use. So I just bought the razors, and use the shavers with the replaceable razors that were given as a toiletry pack when you fly business class. Still though since I don't have that much experience (I am shaving regularly at the age 25, I got like 13 years of shaving experienced that was not available to me) So basically I will always miss a few strands here and there, sometime I will get ingrown hairs and sometimes a rash. Rather then looking unkempt, I better start shaving. Another thing, I shave at night, because I will always forget to shave in the morning :D.
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